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I was talking about the alto, whereas I think you have the soprano Alan? If so, it looks like:

Alto Mylodica = Angel Melodyhorn 37
Soprano Mylodica = Suzuki S-32C

Alan wrote:

I’m puzzled about the box warping, since there’s nowhere (in the soprano, at least) for moisture to escape from the inner melodica other than back out through the mouthpiece opening, which I guess means it should be stored mouthpiece end down. But if you’re blowing without a mouthpiece, maybe some of the air and moisture is entering the outer chamber, as happens with my Suzuki M-32.

Yes, it is puzzling. I did always use a mouthpiece. I think the moisture must have leaked out of the air chamber. It used to warp after hours of playing, but when left to dry, would return to a position close to where it originally was…

Kevin, I don’t have the Mylodica anymore, so unfortunately won’t be able to make that comparison video… 🙁

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