Reply To: Mylodica


Troy, I have to agree that the workmanship of the Mylodica casket seams to have been built by a novice woodworker rather than that of a furniture maker type woodworker/cabinetmaker. The idea is good unfortunately it does not do anything for the actual sound as “ADVERTISED” I am not saying this is a switch and bate thing but more or a snake oil type deal. The look is definately what lures people to it, but the excitement dies quick with its performance. I wonder if the manufacture of the Angel Melodyhorn is aware that the drive train to this Mylodica is one of the same??? Like I mentioned in my review of the Mylodica the plus is that you are able to bend notes very easy. By the way the reason that the wood warps as it does in the picture that Troy Shows is that the moisture is only on one side of the board and not on both sides and that outside has a sealer and the inside does not. The way to prevent this is to actually seal the interior with a good water proof material at least once a year if minimal use and twice a year if you are a heavy player like me.

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