Reply To: Mouthpieces & Tubes

Alan Brinton

Welcome, Steven, and thank you so much for the wealth of mouthpiece information! I’m big on Suzukis, except that I don’t have any MX models. But I can confirm that all the Suzuki models I have (M-32C, M-37C, A-34C, STUDY-32, etc., as well as the Hammond 44) have the inner mouthpiece tube “blocked” by half or more. I.e., when you look in the mouthpiece hole, you see a plastic barrier in there beyond where the mouthpiece inserts. I’m looking at my M-32C right now and just took off the end piece for a closer look. Plastic covers about 2/3 of the inner end of the mouthpiece tube. Suzuki apparently did this to narrow the air flow into the air chamber. (Possibly also shaping the inner opening in such a way as to divert the air downward?) I have observed in the past that it is easier to bend notes on Suzukis, and now I’m suspecting that it is because of the narrowing of the air flow. I’ve noticed that narrowing the air flow with my mouth can contribute to bending.

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