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Kevin, great question. I have worked in other countries and the one thing I have noticed is that other countries seam to really appreciate music in general and not just music from their country, even if they do not understand the language, where as here in the US we tend to be more regional, in other words we like what is in our own back yard. If you were exposed to all types of music growing up, in general you probably appreciate and embrace sound, melody, lyrics and arrangement, more than just a beat with words you can’t say in public. When I was very young my father gave me a FM receiver in the mid 60’s and at that time you mostly heard classical, jazz and contemporary music on it. We heard a lot of different music in our home. I enjoy hearing music that is new to me. Many years ago I heard a group called Orchesta De La Luz a salsa group that was incredible, what really blew me away was that they were from Japan. Recently I heard a Dutch duo (accordion and guitar) that played music for northern Mexico / Texas. I have attached a link so you can hear. I have listen to Troys Irish reel many times over and over simply because the sound and technique fascinates me a great deal.
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