Reply To: Melodica Playing Techniques


Absolutely Lowboy, recording and posting is the best way to get the word out. I am working on a few tunes that I hope to post soon. I never really used the melodica as my main instrument because frankly I never really got the call for it. I still here musician joke about them and yes some still consider them as toys, granted some are. I was asked to use my Vibrandoneon to replace an accordian to play “Speak Softly Love” you know the Godfather theme, for a small reception basically because the budget did not allow for an additional musician and one of the guys in the group said hey why don’t you play that fancy wooden melodica so there was a need. I was surprised by the amount of people that came up to me to ask what the name of the instrument I was playing was called and to tell me how beautiful the sound was. There are many You Tube videos out there of people playing the melodica as a goof and yes they sound terrible. So it is up to us to record and post material that show what the melodica can really do in as many different genres to show its versatility. Let’s get busy.

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