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Hi Melodica-Me,

Yes, it is a highly processed signal, but it sounds great, at least to me. I am trying to capture the essence of a blues harp but without trying to duplicate it. I want the melodica to bring its own character and advantages to the table.

I will take a photo in a couple of days when I finishing getting the equipment properly installed in the rack.

I have a six space rack with a pull handle and wheels. Three spaces for the rack gear. The remaining room in the rack will hold my melodicas, microphone, and cables. I should be able to walk into a gig pulling the rack in one hand and carrying the JBL monitor case in the other hand. I might have to go back for a mic stand and rack stand. I can also send a signal to the house PA if there is one.

I do really like the sound of my melodicas in their natural state. That is the reason for the clean amp. So by flipping a couple switches, I can bypass the EQs and effects processor and call up a more natural sound.

I would not expect to process the heck out of the thing on every song. I mostly just use some delay, which is a staple of the blues harp players. On a couple of songs, I might go for a octave doubler or tremolo effect just to mix things up. Actually a bit of tremolo sound really good.

But I don’t want the effects to get in the way of learning good technique. I have a long way to go there.

I was planning on making and posting a recording so those interested could hear what it sounds like. I might need a week or two to get there.

I am still exploring and pondering, and who knows where I might end up. But the sound I am getting now fits right in with the old blues masters and contemporary blues/R&B people like the Neville Brothers, Robert Cray, Bonnie Rait, Etta James, etc.


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