Reply To: Honer hm 32?


i got my melodica in the mail. i have to say, that being my first melodica, i cant give any comparison. however i did try other melodicas in the music store (the angel horn) and i can say, that this melodica certainly feels like an instrument, and not like a toy, like the oher melodicas ive seen.
i was very happy and surprised by the tone, which came out deeper and less shrill to me than other melodicas ive heard.
just out of curiosity, ive read that the hohner 36, has wider keys than most melodicas. is this true also about this honer 32?
i cant say about the key action as i havent enough experience with other melodicas, but also i enjoy it.
also, lowboy, you mentioned that this melodica is considered intermediate. would that mean that you would consider it a lower quality than the yamaha pianica which people here rated pro? thnks

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