Reply To: Honer hm 32?


Hohner stopped manufacturing the HM 32 (and HM 26 and HM 27) in Germany three years ago. However, Bill at the Hohner Shop discovered some new old stock in his warehouse and has them for sale. They have been posted on Ebay in recent weeks and I bought a couple of sets (HM 26 soprano, HM27 alto, and HM 32). His reserve prices on Ebay were approximately $52, $54, and $65 for the various models. You would need to email Bill to find out what he would sell them for directly from his shop. The Hohner shop can be reached at

The soprano 26 is really just as functional as the 32, maybe even better for soloing.

General observation: note bending occurs best on the low notes. Wha wha and tremolo effects occur best on the high notes.


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