Reply To: Hohner Piano 36


I’m under the impression that the reception of a melodica depends very much on how many different melodicas a player plays and which melodica he was most content with first or is currently most content with.

Kevin seems to be a player who owns and really plays many different melodicas whereas Lowboy seems be a great Piano 36 fan who plays one or two melodicas besides.

My first melodica was the Piano 36 and I played it for more than 10 years before even touching another instrument; then two years ago I bought a Vibrandoneon and since then play it nearly exclusively. I would never have considered the airflow problem if Kevin hadn’t mentioned it, but when I read Kevin’s review of the Piano 36 I decided to try out whether that phenomenon exists with my Piano 36 and, yes, it does! But that’s no problem for me because I have been playing it for such a long time and I’m used to it’s, let’s say, oddities. On the other hand, if I had played a Vibrandoneon first and then tried out the Piano 36, I would hardly have given it 5 Stars, but in fact for me the Piano 36 is a great melodica – and who would compare a VW with a Mercedes Benz!

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