Reply To: Hohner Piano 36


Hi Simchaleh,
I wouldn’t just take my word for it! It’s possible the Hohner I got may have been damaged or possibly a dud(it’s the only one I’ve played)?
It is true that it is constructed with an air channel and the air chamber is much larger than the Yamaha.
I’d say the Yamaha is easier for air control but the Hohner beats all with it’s keyboard.
The Yamaha’s keyboard is more resistant(tighter springs?) and may make your fingers feel crammed together because of the size.
The Yamaha may be a little faster response.
Another thing to consider is that the Yamaha is lighter to hold than the Hohner.
They both have a warm tone. I find the Yamaha to be a little reedier but perhaps more expressive.
My ultimate advise would be to spring for both if possible then you have a couple of colors to work with.

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