Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new


Not me Alan, although that could be a good deal. On the other hand, I have found that buying older Hohners on Ebay to be a crap shoot.

I have purchased several very old Hohners for reasonable money that played and looked near perfection. I have also paid pretty good money on Ebay for Hohners that looked great but had problems. The biggest problems are excessive leakage and wicked attic smell that leaves a bad taste and feeling in your throat even after a thorough cleaning of the instrument.

Here are the questions to ask a seller before buying. “If you blow relatively hard into the melodica without pressing notes, does any air leak out?” “Where was the melodica stored?” “Does it have a strong attic smell?” People who buy these melodicas at tag sales and then resell on Ebay have no idea what makes a good performing melodica. All they will say is “all the notes works.”

So Alan, you may have missed a great deal, or you may have saved yourself 65 bucks. It is hard to tell.


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