Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new


Hello Kevin, yeah I knew it was coming, I was just making a point that its about flash and no concern about creating a new high quality melodica and more concern about creating an App. It’s quite sad. Now let’s talk about the Professional 36. Many people believe they own a “Professional 36” when in fact they own a Piano 36 because the Piano 36 is considered a “professional melodica” I have even seen adds that show a Piano 36 and call it Professional 36 adding to the confusion. The Professional 36 does not have the word “Piano” anywhere on the melodica. The Professional 36 is a much more refined melodica than the Piano 36′ the tonal quality of the Pro. 36 is more of an accordion sounding melodica well sort of. The keys are more refined and the gaps between each key is tight and even where the Piano 36 has wider gaps with more play. The Pro. 36 is much heavier than the Piano 36. The Pro. 36 has individual reeds like an accordion and not a reed plate also the interior is wood and not plastic. Note: I have never opened my Pro. 36 so I can not confirm this last statement. I have only read this information. The overall size of the Pro. 36 is wider, longer and thicker than the Piano 36. Side by side they do not look alike. I will ask Troy to add the Professional 36 to the review page. I own both the Professional and the Piano and will take some pictures together tomorrow and post them.

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