Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new


Hello Alan, as a former recording engineer and studio musician before that, without any doubt or hesitation my reaction would be absolutely the same. The tonal quality or timbre of these two Melodica’s are as far apart as you can throw them. I will say that even though a specific melodica may not sound the way you would like, this does not mean that the same melodica would not work for a different application. I have many Melodica’s simply because I play different styles of Jazz and the “one size fits all” melodica would never work for me. This is the same reason why guitar players usually own several different guitars.
Like most manufactures (of any product) you target and market to your consumer. The youth student market is huge where as the professional Melodica player is well you know? The creator of our beloved melodica has chosen to simply phase out this part of their catalogue and companies like Suzuki and Yamaha have embraced it. It’s a shame.

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