Reply To: help. angel L37, any experience vs yamaha or hohner 37?

Alan Brinton

I have only the 32 and 25 key Yamaha pianicas, not a 37 though I’m sure I’ll be getting one soon; but let me chime in with two comments in favor of the Yamahas: 1. their build quality is superior to almost all other melodicas; 2. In my opinion, although the spit ejection seems a bit unconventional in comparison with others, and although I’ve suspected that it might be the cause of a failed note, in actual playing moisture buildup is less of a problem with Yamahas than with other brands. It’s not something I find myself having to worry about at all while playing. I have a bunch of melodicas. If I was stuck on a desert Island with only one melodica, I’d take a Yamaha pianica. I have a friend who does professional gigs with one, and he doesn’t seem to have had any issues with it. Hohners are not in the same ballpark.

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