Reply To: help. angel L37, any experience vs yamaha or hohner 37?

Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

Just to clear up any confusion, the L-37 does seem to be the same as the Angel Melodyhorn

On this thread at, Scott Dominick wrote:

“I actually recently bought another melodica at called the L-37, which has better key action and more keys. Not to get into it too much, but I was a little annoyed when I received the melodica. I read the official name on the box — the Angel Melodyhorn AM-37K3 and looked it up on the web. had it for $99. eBay and Amazon had it for between $40-60. I feel a little ripped off. Anyways, it does have way better key action and is a lot louder than the Hohner Piano 32”

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