Reply To: help. angel L37, any experience vs yamaha or hohner 37?


It’s fairly direct Alan. I take a .38 guitar pick which is about the thinnest you can get (I also use this for a shim when tuning) slid it under the tongue of the offending reed(s) and lifted up a little till it visually appeared that reed might not be as close to the plate as before.
When I say lifted it was ever so gingerly. You have to be careful and not bend or kink the reed. I’ve done that in the past the result being it doesn’t sound anymore.
The reed I was most troubled by was the E an octave and a third above middle C. The one that sounds the top space on a treble clef. The F next to it also sometimes sputtered and stopped up. After stretching them the C above Middle C stopped up on me. My thought was “Oh great, this problem is just going to work it’s way down the keyboard”. However I played several hours yesterday and never had an issue. The gapping seems to have taken care of the problem so far?

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