Reply To: Excalibur Triple Crown Pro Model with pickup

Alan Brinton

Someone else can probably provide more information than this, Gayle. But I have removed a reed plate on a Yamaha pianica, and I can tell you about that. It required a tiny Philips screwdriver — I have a set of jewelers’ screwdrivers. The plate was mounted on a gasket, which seemed to have been lightly glued in place and to the reed plate, or possibly the gasket material is just sticky. Earlier in this thread is a photo of Kevin’s of the same kind of gasket, also on a Yamaha. It would be important I think to be careful not to damage the gasket, which is flexible and also may need some kind of gluing. The gasket could tear. Reed plates, as you have observed I’m sure, are usually sectional, with two or three plates, and you probably only want to replace the plate with the damaged reed and save the other(s) in case it is needed in the future. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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