Reply To: Excalibur Triple Crown Pro Model with pickup

Gayle Wilson

Hi Alan, Thanks for the response and the link. I read it with interest. Yes, I’ve done lots of research on the Excalibur but it’s hard to say without actually seeing and playing an instrument. I could never buy a guitar or piano without playing it but something you blow into is different. I think Jim Laabs Music and Excalibur Accordion company are partners of sorts since they are almost next door to each other and Jim Laabs is the only place you can buy Excalibur Melodicas. yes, Interesting that the person in the complaint felt they were repackaging a cheap melodica and selling it as a pro model. I spoke with someone today at Jim Laabs about the one I’m interested in knowing more about…the “Excalibur Triple Crown Pro Model with pickup”. I would want my rigid flextube mouthpiece from my Hammond 44 to fit it and gave him the exact measurement of the blowhole but he was unable to give me the exact measurement of the Excalibur and said the only way to be sure is to send him one of my mouthpieces since they have no return policy. I will call them again tomorrow and try to nail them down on where the thing is made. Re My Hdammond 44, seems I’m always fixing something on it…well, not “always”, but enough. Much tuning, now this blown reed, the mouthpiece broke off IN the blowhole and it was a very difficult and delicate job to get it out of there, the flap on the spit-valve broke and although my husband and I fixed it, it’s not as air-tight as I think it should be and I have to open it just a certain way to use it or it’ll fall apart again. Biggest problem I think with the Hammond 44 is the amount of condensation that builds up in it. I’m always slightly horrified when I open it up to tune it. Makes me think I should open it and wipe it down after every gig or rehearsal but eventually the screws would strip and that could open yet another can of worms. If I knew where I could get parts for sure, I’d feel a lot better about it. You see these advertised as now coming from Japan (Suzuki home base) but still no information about repair and parts.

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