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Very Interesting news Quetscher, I think that the reason for an all plastic version is that there is an issue with moisture in the all wood version. I spoke with the shop owner that is working on my Vibrandoneoon and he told me that he thinks that moisture left in the wood was the reason why my leather and felt needed to be replaced. I was getting leakage especially when both valves were open. Every so often I open it and let it air dry for a couple of days. It looks good to me but maybe thats not enough. They suggest that when I open my vibrandoneon to dry that I should place it in a large plastic container and set the vibrandoneon in a bed of rice and cover it with a tight lid for a few days. The rice should absorb all the moisture in it. I think I am going to try this next time. I am pretty good about removing the moisture after I use it.
I would love to hear how the all plastic version compares to the all wood version.
Thanks for this update

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