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Melodica-Me wrote:

Hello Quetscher, thank you for this information. I own the 1st generation Vibrandoneon and love it but wish I had a larger keyboard. I also own the Hammond 44, Mylodica, Clavietta and Hammond BB. All of which I use for different types of music. I am curious about the blowing in and out of the Eolina, but I wood need it to bend notes as it is part of my style of playing. I do play standing up and like the Hammond for that. I use a guitar strap and hold it more like a saxophone and of course it does not leak air out as fast as my other melodicas. I am looking for the brass tube from the first Vibrandoneon that is shaped more like saxophone head with a spit release than the S style that I have now without the spit release. Would you know of anyone that has one to sell or where I may be able to get one??? Anyway thanks for post.

Quetscher replied:

Hi Oscar,

honestly, everything you can do with blowing in and out you can also do with just blowing in. To play repeated notes you can just use double or triple tongue like flute players do, and if you want to play without interruption, try circular breathing like a didgeridoo player.
I’m sorry I don’t know anybody who sells the old brass tube, but perhaps you could try to contact Victoria Accordions or the inventer of the Vibrandoneon, Guido Tononi.
I remember just now that the owner of Accordeoncentrum Brusch, Mr Schober, made an interesting offer to me when two years ago I tried out the Eolina: he told me that Ballone Burini would eventually build an Eolina for just blowing. Perhaps this is an offer that still exists…
Greetings, Andy

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