Reply To: Does anyone play without their shell?


Hi Alan, Troy,
Yes the sound difference is subtle maybe a little more pronounced in person (I didn’t record my video with optimal equipment). I was thinking of the harmonica sound which has reeds plates that are only partially covered. I’m thinking of adding a thin wooden strip along the end to serve as a grip and perhaps covering the springs with something as simple as duct tape.
I too have wondered about different materials for a body? I think reverberating plastic is one of the things people are hearing that critique our instrument?

I know the Clavietta, Hohner 36, Suzuki soprano and I think the Hammond have metal covers and are usually described as having superior tone. Most harmonicas are partially covered by metal plates. I’m wondering if that may be the way to go?

Speaking of the Mylodica, I’m curious about their construction? Is the shell removed and the wooden body built around the core or do they simply build a wooden casing around a complete melodica? From photos it looks like I can see the blue plastic body of an L-37 through the soundholes. That lack of a spit-valve was a deciding factor for me not buying one too, Alan. Sorry to hear your frustration with it.

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