Reply To: Does anyone play without their shell?


Hi Kevin,

I learned a technique by accident two weeks ago that is really influencing my sound, playing, and the expressiveness of some of my melodica.

I have some melodicas with sound holes on the bottom side of the instrument. When I want a muted sound, I hold the body of the melodica against my chest and stomach, covering the holes. When I want a brighter sound, I lift the instrument away from my chest.

Taking this one step further, by quickly rotating the melodica against and away from my body, I get a wha wha effect much like cupping and uncapping a harmonica.

Furthermore, lifting the instrument straight away and back to my chest quick provides another kind of wha wha or tremolo effect.

These techniques bring the instrument alive.

You must use a short rigid mouthpiece and hold the melodica at the bottom opposite the mouthpiece, which is the way I usually play.

I have not figured out the best type of material to wear yet that will provide the most modulation.


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