Reply To: Difference quality yamaha p32 or p37

Alan Brinton

I like the idea, though completing a review shouldn’t be too onerous a task. Maybe a more robust approach to member profiles + a highlighted suggestion in the Reviews section to click on the reviewer’s name for his or her profile. I like most of your suggestions for profile information, Melodica-Me, though I think they might be better presented in a description of the kinds of information that are appropriate for a profile rather than as a list of blanks to be filled. The beginner-intermediate-professional classification might be problematic in that someone could be an intermediate music player/student but have only recently taken up the melodica. I’m at the intermediate level, for example, relative to formal study of the piano, but I still feel like a novice melodica player. One thing I’m really good at is buying melodicas.

I am also very grateful for the existence of this site and the opportunity to interact with serious musicians and other melodica enthusiasts.

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