Reply To: Difference quality yamaha p32 or p37

Alan Brinton

They seem pretty much the same to me except for number of keys. Below are the specs from Yamaha. In my reviews and comments I have expressed a preference for 32 key melodicas because they’re easier for me to hold in my hand and easier for me to play. But I regard myself as a hobbyist rather than a musician, and these are just personal preferences. I recommended the P37 to my friend who is a professional musician (pianist), and it has worked out well for him. He started out with my P32. He says the P32 “cuts” a little better, but I’m sure he’s using those extra keys, and the P37 and P32 sound the same to me. I wouldn’t worry about the weight difference; the P37 isn’t that much heavier than the P32. Depth and height are the two dimensions that I would consider, in relation to the size of my hand.


Width 483mm
Height 49mm
Depth 102mm
Weight 790g


Width 425mm
Height 49mm
Depth 96mm
Weight 650g

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