Reply To: CIrcular Breathing


Hello Quetscher, I tried closing part of the pipe with my upper lip and it did seam to help a little more. The big problem with the Vibrandoneon is that once a note is played the opening that allows the air out is so big that you loose a lot of air quickly so the circle of breathing is much faster. I only use (1) register and that helps as I practice to gain more strength, only time will tell but thank you for that tip. I first learned how to do circular breathing in the mid 70’s on a recorder, my friend in college now my brother-inlaw who is a sax player showed me how he learned. The method they use is to fill your mouth with enough air and then tighten the mussels in you cheeks and breath in through your nose filling more air in your mouth. The tuff part is to have a consistent air flow so your note does not waver in volume. Much harder on a recorder than a melodica because the melodica has an air chamber and the recorder is open. This is the same for any wind instrument. Also the better the air chamber (less leaks) the easier it is, example Clavietta (small and leaky chamber)much harder than The Hammond 44/Hyper with a good large and good sealed chamber.

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