Reply To: Buying On-line or at your Local Music Store


US Amazon allows you to return most items but most you have to pay for return shipping unless they advertise return free shipping. There are some that want an explanation or reason to return before, and some have special conditions that need to be met before you can return an item. I purchased from a delay pedal from Amazon, cheap was only $50.00 free shipping and free return shipping, when I sent them an email requesting a return label they sent me an 800 number to call, so I called and asked for the label they put me on hold for about 5 minutes then transferred me to a different department because they considered the pedal an electrical item. I was asked if the amplifier and my pedal power supply adapter was connected directly to the outlet on the wall or….. Wait for it… Did I plug it into a UL approved extension cord with a built in circuit breaker. Yes I laught, because I knew exactly where they were going. After about 10 minutes of going over this nonsense he sent me an email with a return label attachment that I could print out and use. The Sam Ash store about a mile from my house offers returns no question asked. I wanted to try out a reverb pedal they said sure but if you buy it you can take it home and try it for 10 days if you don’t like it return it before then. No questions asked. Not a bad deal. I took it home decided to return it, no issues from the sales person and I wound up picking up another one, a little more expensive but it was my choice. I do like the convenience of online shopping, because if I go to Sam Ash after work or on the weekend, every kid from the neighborhood is in the store jamming on guitars they will never buy. Yes I did it too when I was a kid.
I’m getting old.

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