Reply To: Buying Criteria

Alan Brinton

All that makes some sense, Kevin. It has been some time since I took my Suzuki B-24 apart, but to the best of my recollection, it has a diaphram-like rubber air compartment, which I’m guessing is at least partially responsible for the significant response delay that makes it so hard to play.

You are right about the Yamaha, and the same is true of other melodicas, including the real cheapies.

Digression: I somehow mistakenly ordered a Hohner Performer 37 from Amazon, and I was about to send it back because of negative impressions about Hohners. Should I keep it? There are so many melodicas out there, and I probably already have too many in my arsenal and still don’t have the Yamaha P-37. I had one coming from Japan but mistakenly refused delivery because it came early on the day the Hohner was supposed to arrive. Money is not really the issue, but is there anything special about the Hohner?

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