Reply To: Bending Notes

Alan Brinton

Okay, Quetscher, I’m not sure why this should work, but I’ve made another discovery. I was just trying different things. Without using any other bending technique and blowing directly into the blow tube without a mouthpiece, pucker your lips so that a very fine stream of air is flowing through them and into the melodica. What we’re doing is reducing the size of the hole out of our mouth rather than reducing the size of the vent hole with the key. This will bend the note somewhat, even with the key fully depressed. Now, try it with partial depression of the keys but still without any other bending technique. I had this idea while watching Toots Thielemans play Smile. Okay, here’s a second run at Smile off the tip of my tongue. It’s pretty bad, but you get the idea.

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