Reply To: Bending Notes

Alan Brinton

I remembered the term my dentist used, it’s “counter-pressure”.

I’ll be working on trying your technique here in a bit. There’s one other thing I forgot to mention; maybe I’ll make a video of it. Working with the gStrings-Tuner app, I watch the tuner needle while I’m working on bending a note so I can see how far it bends, kind of like bio-feedback.

By the way, I really like your playing in the Soundcloud clips. I didn’t know about Soundcloud. I sent your Irish Melody 2 to my friend Andrew who plays piano on lots of gigs and who is now also playing a Yamaha Pianica P-37D. He’s on his way to Ireland for a week and will probably hit some pubs with his melodica, though Troy’s video gave him second thoughts.

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