Reply To: accordina tone


Troy, I am jealous, you seam to have the in on all the cool new stuff and get to play them too. Does the accordina have the same issues as the Clavietta, softer volume, leaks. I really like what I have heard with the accordina, I may have to find a nice jazz piece that works well with the Clavietta and try to record it. In some of the recordings I have heard of the accordina, I hear a lot of clicking of the buttons, is this normal for most accordina models? I just recorded another song with the Monsters of Melodica and you will hear a lot of key noise, primarily because in order to get the dynamics of the piece I have to play soft and the microphone picks up the key noise (by the way it’s the Hammond 44 original) it fades after I start playing louder, is this the same for the accordina. What music do you play with your accordina.

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