Reply To: Yamaha P37E

Alan Brinton

I chose the brown, Kevin, partly because there are lots of black melodicas out there, though it will have a distinctive look in either color. It has a very conservative look. The lines/contours are, in my opinion, also different and cleaner looking than those of the P-37D. Whether the P-37D will be phased out, I have no idea. I’m more interested in whether there will be a 32 key version. The P-32D/E is widely used by Japanese school children, and the “adult” theme might be undercut by a 32 key version of this. If I were advising Yamaha, I’d suggest keeping the P-37D and continuing to market the P-37E (and adding a 32 key version) as the “premium” line, and then see what happens to sales. My bet would be that the P-37E will arrive in the U.S. market on at about $150-160 including free Prime shipping, and at around there on eBay when shipping is included. The P-37D has now dropped to $89 on Amazon with free delivery for Prime members. The new E is definitely worth the difference, but that’s quite a bargain for the P-37D.

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