Reply To: Wood case and miking

Gianluca Barbaro

Cool design, I had already seen that, it’s insane!
Unfortunately I had the same doubt about voltage and did some experimenting from 1.5v to 9v: the output level changed accordingly, but the distortions were unaffected.
Thanks for the advice about Myers but, seen the costs, for my current needs it’s not worth it: at least I now have an Hammond 44 for live situations.
I too came to the (obvious) conclusion that the Suzuki design is superior to Yamaha’s: the air vents being covered by an enclosure, not only all the condensation is conveyed towards the spit valve, but so are air and sound, so a dynamic cartridge near the valve is effective. This is not the case with Yamahas, where air and condensation are spread chaotically within the case…
I think I’ll put the Yamaha back into its original plastic case :/

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