Reply To: Wood case and miking

Gianluca Barbaro

An update for those who might be interested: the distortion problem persisted even with the high quality capsules: I don’t know if it’s my power supply unit, but I suspect some special capsules are required (for example those used for trumpet or sax bells) in order to be used internally and close to the air vents.
I experimented also with some piezo pickup, but the noise (keys mainly) is intolerable, as others have already commented here in the past.
I ended up with a solution very similar to the one implemented by Suzuki: a dynamic microphone at the right end of the keyboard. It’s slightly unbalanced towards the higher notes, but it’s the best I could come up with for the moment. Maybe be in my next case I will make room for another microphone in the left end and connect them in parallel.

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