Reply To: Vintage Hohner Melodica Professional restoration — need a reed


Hello Clep, I will have to check in a few days when I return home. It’s been a couple of years since I purchased this material. It was actually used as a reed gasket on my Diamanté Wind Vox #001. The intent was to use this gasket so I could change reeds on the fly. The system worked but the problem is that if you tightened the reeds to tight you could cut the silicone and air would leak through. On the Diamanté #002 I did not use this system. There are pictures of the silicone application on “My Melodica Shop” on Pinterest. You will need to look close as you know the material is clear. I think the second silicone (non adhesive back) would probably work better since it a a little thicker and can give a little more than the thinner version and will form to the opening more allowing less air to escape.
Good luck and please post so others can see you progress.

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