Reply To: Hammond H44 Pro Mic Impedance

Herman van Aartsen

Hi Meldocia-me,

Just a follow up on this thread. I’ve used to Roland FV500-H a few times now. The purpose was to be able to have a nice volume control. To be honest, it did not meet my expectations. Changing the volume not by breath-control (blowing harder softer) changes how the instrument is perceived/is. Yes I have some effects pedal but this didn’t feel natural. So I removed it and solely use my breath for that. And yes, softer than soft is not possible when the reeds do not vibrate anymore due to lack of sufficient flowing air 😉 I’ll accept this as part of the way the instrument is. I’ll now use this pedal as a better expression model (25k range) for my Strymons. What I’ve learned is that most default expression pedals are in the 10k range. This 10k range does not fit the requirements of quite a few effect pedals.


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