Reply To: Yamaha P37E


Paul, my point is that melodica manufactures and sellers gear sales of melodicas in the $15,00 to $35.00 range to youth. They are in bright colors that children like “Pink” “Blue” “Green” and usually state “Beginner” “Student” “Plastic wind instrument” “Fun and suitable for children” “Gift” “Musical education instrument” in their advertisement. After the $35.00 range they start to drop these words.There is definitely a difference in the materials used on the lower cost melodicas than in the melodicas that cost over $100.00 from the more known manufactures, especially the big three, Suzuki, Yamaha and Hohner.
There is no reason or douht that a lower cost melodica can’t be used by an adult or even a professional musician (which they have). I regularly advise new players to start with these low cost melodicas to see if they like playing the melodica. Once they do and if they want to move up to a higher grade one, they can do their research and find one that fits their needs. I am actually excited that these advertisment show adults playing the new P-37E. Its moving the melodica a step closer to becoming an instrument as common as the guitar, piano, string and wind instruments. Its all good 🙂

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