Reply To: Yamaha P37E

Alan Brinton

This one I must have, especially at 13,000 Yen. Supposed to be out in June. Interesting that it is being presented as an “Adult” instrument, rather than “professional,” which has lost its punch. Time to grow up.

Crafty folks over there at Yamaha. The people in the maketing department at Suzuki Music must be tearing their hair out over this one. We melodicans are so fortunate to have both these companies. Suzuki has been so innovative, Yamaha so focused, consistent and conservative after starting out with Tokai Gakki’s ingenious designs.

Let’s hope for a Suzuki counter-offensive and for some 32 key versions of these new models. Not all us adults prefer 37 keys. This might be problematic for Yamaha, though, if all the school kids start getting a 32 key “adult” model. Dare I ask for an adult P-25G? I’ll pay 13,000 Yen plus 5,000 Yen shipping.

We live in exciting times.

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