Reply To: Vintage Hohner Melodica Professional restoration — need a reed


Thanks, Alan — I’m pretty handy and have worked on / tuned a few melodicas so I think I’m up for the challenge. It’ll be a learning experience at any rate. 🙂 And fortunately I think I don’t need to get in to it much at all, so hopefully I can avoid messing with too many breakable screws: just need a new C reed, put one of the pads back on, and glue a key top back on. Then I’ll see where it stands… the reeds look like they’re new — I was really surprised. I expected a mess in there and it looks really clean. One of the reeds looks like it may have been replaced in the past (different color pitch around the reed, tool mark near it, etc). The action of the keys is not perfect, but I think I can live with it, and it doesn’t seem worth getting in to the key bed which does look like kind of a pain.

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