Reply To: Yamaha P37D, muffled sounds due to clogged spit

Daren Banarsë

Regarding how often I empty my spit… a river of saliva coming out from the last key…

Just a technicality Yan, but its not saliva that collects inside the instrument, it’s condensation, from moisture in the breath. The warm moisture is attracted to the cold metal reeds. Hence, the warmer the instrument/atmosphere, the less problems you’ll have with condensation.

You can expect the odd note to go a bit funny from time to time – you’ll find ways of clearing it.

I do a lot of my practice silently, not blowing, but just finger movement. That way I can give all my attention to the mechanics of the fingers, making sure everything is relaxed and working efficiently. During this time, I leave the cap and mouthpiece off, so there’s a circulation of air, and it can keep drying.

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