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Hello T.

Welcome to Melodica World.

Describing my techniques, equipment, and the three-year development process is a very long story. A number of my SoundcCloud recordings have descriptions of the equipment I use. The next time you are listening to one of my recordings on SoundCloud, click on the photo associated with the recording and a description of the recording will appear in most cases.

I have documented my discoveries and techniques for the better part of three years on Melodica World. So if you review my posts, you can see nearly everything I have tried and descriptions of my explorations.

My work in getting a melodica to sound like–and be expressive as–an amplified blues harmonica has come a long way recently, but I have not had time to document (record) the results. I will be making some new recordings in the near future as I am now playing regularly with some blues players.

Nearly everything revolves around the fact that Hohner HM-26, HM-27, and HM-32 melodicas project the sound out of the back of the instrument. About three years ago, by accident, I discovered that if you hold the back of the instrument against your chest, the sound is muffled. My moving the instrument away from and towards your chest, and using other techniques, you can get a wide range of modulations from the instrument that are not possible with any other melodica.

Thanks for your interest.



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