Reply To: Buying Used Melodica and Tubes

Ngo Minh Tan

Thanks for the informations Brinton, it helps a lot !
I’ve been checking out Buyee yesterday, but I don’t know which site should I choose. I saw YH Auction (I thought YH got shutdown entirely), Rakuten,… But I only saw Pianicas that marks as new (mostly P32E). Am I looking in the wrong section or something ’cause I’m looking for a used one. And do you have any tricks for searching in this site ? It’s hard to find a specific melodica… I searched “P-37” and end up with some random things.

Do you know how much does a used P-37E usually cost ? And also a used Study 25 ? I think I might get one from my local stores. I searched for some online shop and they sell a lot of Suzuki’s melodica (I don’t know what model are they but I had some picture of them, how can I upload :b).

About the tube, I found one called “PTP-P32” which I think is the official replace tube for the Pianicas. Ebay Japan has some brand new which cost about 350~450yen. I think I’ll search some more about the shipping cost and then I’ll decide 😀

Do you have any experiences buying used melodicas, Brinton ? Maybe some other sites beside Buyee ? My friends told me the shipping cost from US or other nearby countries is much lower than shipping from EU.

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