Reply To: Melodica Produces Wide Range of Sounds and Textures


Hi Alan,

I remember you fooled around with blocking off some of the holes, but I have not done that yet for two reasons. I think the subtle variation I might hear would be overshadowed by the magnitude of the modulations and huge sound I am getting from my tube amp; and, because I am often fully or partially choking all the holes, my exploration is generally to try and increase air flow through the instrument.

The photo shows that the handle is still in place. I normally remove the handle as it can rattle when you move the melodica around. This melodica was brand new so I did not want to disturb the seal until I needed to open it for cleaning or to try and repair a reed.

I cut off the standoffs so the weather stripping lies flat. I also cut off the water valve deflector, though, with this thick weatherstripping, I see that it may not be necessary to do that.

I hope to have a new modulation study recorded next weekend. I have a new recording board and a nice large-diaphragm condensor microphone.

I can tell you that when I cranked the preamp to 10 on my 4-watt Vox AC4 and played along with some Howlin’ Wolf, I was in heaven with the attack, response, sqeaks, grunts, and distortions I was getting from the Piano 26 and other melodicas in this line from Hohner.



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