Reply To: Melodica Produces Wide Range of Sounds and Textures



Well I finally updated some of my keyboard harmonicas with weatherstripping instead of beads of silicone (see photo below). I think such weather stripping is going to save me from having to wear my melodica apron. In addition, it produces pronounced modulations.

Melodica and weatherstripping

Hopefully you can see these images even if they are just hyperlinked. I am not using my previous cloud service so I must relearn how this process works works for the new service.

Because: (1) intentionally wiped out millions of hyperlinks placed by it customers (which means audio links in my previous posts are broken), (2) because I am getting better modulations due to the weatherstripping, (3) because I have improved my recording techniques, and (4) because there are many new people on Melodica World since I have posted my studies many months ago, I hope to record and post another study soon illustrating over-the-top frequency filtering effect, wah wah effect, volume modulation, frequency modulation, Leslie effects, harmonic distortion effects, and Doppler effects.



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