Reply To: Key and Wind player from Portugal


Hello Miguel, welcome to the forum. For most parts the Hammond 44H and The HP are similar in design but the reeds have a different timber. if you want to here the difference in recording, go on You Tube and check out Monsters of Melodica “Sugar” solo section for the Hammond 44. To hear the Hammond HP check out Monsters of Melodica “Spain” solo section. both Great melodeons, you will need to decide what tone you prefer. As for the “Mylodica” I would save your money. basically they are inexpensive melodicas in a wood box, I own one and there was no though in removing the moisture so eventually the wood case starts to warp. I do not use mine at all. A. Wild man from the Monsters of Melodica has one as well and has the same issue. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

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