Reply To: New Melodica build


Hi Shannon, the Jigs have become real time savers, I really noticed the time saved on the Diamanté #002 build. The latest jig I made was for making tiny compresion springs. As for the difference in the sound, I feel that the #002 is a little more brighter on the higher notes and has a little more fuller sound on the mid-bottom notes than that of the # 001, I actually like the mouth piece a lot. I normally use a trumpet mouth piece but I am starting to use this one more and more. It works on both Diamantés By the way, I use a synthetic reed now # 3-4, the one pictured is cane. As for the new project on the bench, fellow Melodica World participant Bruno Travi sent me this awesome gift a few weeks ago. I hope to start on this at the end of January. I still have to work on the case for the Diamanté #002 not to mention World Session III coming up in January as well. Sign ups end 12-30-2017.

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