Reply To: Suzuki m37C problem???

Alan Brinton

It is highly likely, Olivier, that the gaps of those two reeds need to be adjusted. The gaps need to be widened a bit. You bought it at a music store, if I remember correctly. It probably would best to take it back there and see if they will exchange it or fix it. It is not hard to adjust reed gaps. I’m not sure what the warranty is good for unless it allows you to return the melodica.

My guess is that you could adjust those reeds, even though you do not have vision. I could describe the process.

There is also the question of how hard you blow on the melodica. Someone who plays very loudly is likely to have this kind of problem. If you blow hard enough on any melodica reed, it will fail in one way or another. The problem is less likely with a Suzuki M-37 than with some other brands.

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