Reply To: News from Ireland


Shannon, do you have a Burns saw?

It had no problem cutting the ebony – I used the saw they recommend for doing angle cuts, the 4inch Thurston 100T-.04 kerf slitting blade. Though it was very fiddly trying to tilt the ’tilting table’ to a specific angle every time. I used a little digital angle gauge to get the right angle. But once you’ve found it, the tilting table keeps sinking, so you need to wedge something underneath it.

Also, with small pieces of wood, your fingers are very close to the blade indeed, and you need to keep pushing it against the fence. So not something I want to be doing all the time. Thats the limitation of having a fixed blade, you gain stability/accuracy and loose function.

Still its better than the Proxon (Micromark in the US) alternative, which had a tilting blade, but was completely inaccurate. I sent that back…

MM, I did go for the larger Table saw, and glad I did. Its a great saw, so accurate with the micrometer. If only it had a tilting blade. 🙂

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