Reply To: 3D Printed Melodica Parts

Steve Giedosh


I would love to try Solidworks but I’m kind of stuck with Blender as I’m a Linux guy and it’s the best option not to mention free but with that being said, it’s coming along. I’ve accepted the limitation of my lack of knowledge as it’s an easy fix, just more practice and familiarity with the software.

It’s good to hear that you where able to get a good looking model in with the same tools I have. As far as the little issues with fit, tightness and rigidity, I’m prepared to cross that bridge when I get there, but as you know, the first hurtle is getting a good 3D model, which I will. i’m going to eat this elephant one bite at a time.

I would also be happy to keep everybody posted here at Melodicaworld as I would love to make uniform keyboard a option for all melodica players. This will be another thing to add to my jazz method book and near future Ph.d prospects!

Oh, if only I had a holodeck and a replicator…well at least I kind of do have a replicator.

Thanks again Daren!

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