Reply To: 3D Printed Melodica Parts


Hi Steve, good to hear you’re exploring some building options!

The keys I printed don’t fit the P37D, they only fit my melodica. Dimensions are only roughly similar. Having said that, all those files were tragically lost about a year ago.

But its not all bad news. It would be very difficult to 3D print keys to exactly fit the P37d – it would take trial and error, with dimensions, materials and printing process. My preferred choice is SLS (selective laser sintering), for its relative accuracy and rigidity.

Even once you get the dimensions right, 3D printed keys will never be as strong, rigid and accurate as your existing Yamaha keys. These keys are perfect, and provide an airtight fit. The springs are already provided, and they have a great feel. I recommend using these keys as much as you can. Can you build on them? They file down very easily so you could create a level base for black and white keys, and add what you need on top.

You might not even have to 3D print at all!

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