Reply To: larger key melodica build


wow, this is the first time I have heard of this camp, I Would have loved to have participated. I will need to check it out for next year. In regards to your other statement, though many do not see the difference in the melodica from other keyboard instruments besides fingering technique the melodica should be played like a wind instrument and not like a piano using articulation from your mouth rather than from your hands to crate a more human feel to the melody. This was the basis of creating a melodica that could bend a note upwards as well as downwards like brass instruments or human voice. Basically You need to take the mechanical sound out and insert the human factor. The use of dual reeds has been used such as in the Vibrandoneon and recently in the melodica that Tatu Salmela here on Melodica world creating a melodica with Vibrato that incorporates two reeds slightly out of tune with each other to create the vibrato effect. Unfortunately creating a melodica is extremely expensive 🙁

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